Our policies

This is what you can expect from Quest

No unwanted messages

  • Spam sucks
  • We don't contact you with promotions. We never ever send you message on your phone number if you use that number to sign up. You can turn on push notifications if you like updates from our app.

  • Community first
  • We're intolerant of the intolerant. Our community is one built on respect and equality. We actively ban people who are hurtful, who bully others, and who manipulate our platform. You should feel safe and included in our community.

No ads or data sold

  • Ad-free
  • We don't include ads in our app or our site. In the future, we maybe want to give people the chance to promote their profile or content on Quest. That only works however if our app respects your attention and data. We do and we will.

  • Information ownership
  • Your information isn't sold to any third party company. It's only used to make Quest work for you. If you want to delete or export your account or content, you can do so in our app at any time. If you don't use our app for 6 months, we'll ask if we can remove your account for you.

  • Transparent
  • We plan to be transparent with our users about our future. For instance, we might offer memberships that would allow you to customize your experience more. Our investors allow us to operate for free in the mean time. We're committed to keep you in the loop along the way.

No surprises

  • Experienced
  • Our team has spent decades creating products at companies like Google, Hyves, and many others. That for instance means we set clear protocols on how data is processed, stored, and accessed. We're a startup that takes its process and operations seriously.

  • Secure
  • We work with products like Google Cloud PlatformIntercomMixpanelSentrySegment and Slack, to make our apps secure and dependable. We only share data with these services when it's absolutely necessary.

  • Compliant
  • We're compliant with GDPR and CCPA, and employ legal council to make sure we will be in the future. We'll actively work with regulators and industry groups to take responsibility for our products, because every company should.

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